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Catherine didn’t say any word. But, her eyes did.

She had flowers in her head and from her heart blossomed the most beautiful smiles.

It was Spring Day, the day when joy fulfilled of color the brownish streets of Kliptown. Catherine wasn’t expecting visits, but she didn’t think twice to invite me to celebrate. The old lady was an immense field of stories to harvest. However, neither she or I were worried about picking flowers from the past. In the courtyard of her face brick walls’ house, she offered the best drink she had: some wine with coke.

During our conversation, Catherine wanted to try my red lipstick. And so she did. Now, she had the most colorful smile of the neighborhood. For 46 years – of her 72 – she hadn’t been able to enjoy the diversity of flora – not even in spring days. The Apartheid’s fields weren’t colorful. But now her life has no fences anymore. And she is allowed to paint all the colors. Black and white became the mixture of our warmful hugs. The multicolored seeds of equality bloomed as she said:

Goodbye, I love you!

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Amabyle Sandri

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